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Hey everyone, I upgraded my rig so have no need for two rigs. I'm selling this one for $45.00,
which includes shipping via UPS, a pretty good price, I think.

Here's the CATCH:
This rig was built with incorrect levels for the crank,
and maybe the screw eyes for the ghost wires.
I do think you could probably fix it with a shorter crank motor shaft bolt,
I just did not have the patience to monkey with it.
4RPM motor works perfectly. Paint job is a bit rough, you may wish
to repaint it, though it's painted well enough as is.
Despite it's slightly sad condition, this crank has never been used
for Halloween, only for testing my ghost

So, if you are mechanically inclined, this may be for you.

AGAIN, you will need to fix the spacing in order for the wires to not tangle.
You cannot put it right up with your ghost and expect it to work without
Hey, I'm just being honest here.

I'd prefer Paypal, and I can ship it this Saturday for you, if you are the successful purchaser.

I attached pulleys to the screw eyes, but you may cut them off, if you prefer.

PM me if interested.

Here are some pics:

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