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Hi guys,
I've decided to part with two of my props from Creepy Collection; these are extremely detailed, high quality handcrafted pieces! They've only been displayed indoors as part of my collection and are in perfect condition. These are both part of CC's "midrange" line, meaning the prop is not a full body, but a torso which attaches to an adjustable-height metal pole stand. They have heavy duty metal bases and are still quite sturdy in construction. They are in storage at the moment; I will take them out to take pictures/get measurements and weights to calculate shipping costs if I get interest. I estimate shipping will be somewhere between $60-$80 depending on your location (I am in Massachusetts). I have included the shots from the website so you can see what the props look like; the ones I have are near identical to these pictures but I will still send actual pictures to anyone seriously interested! Original retail for these is $425 plus shipping a piece.

Frightful Fangs $250 plus shipping
Vengeful Val (inspired by Valak from The Conjuring 2) $250 plus shipping

PM me with interest; thanks!


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