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For Sale---3 Creature Reachers & 1 Night Stalker Costume USED ONCE!

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*UPDATED w/ PICS*For Sale-3 Creature Reachers & 1 Night Stalker Costume USED ONCE!

Hey guys, I am just beginning to list my stuff and I am starting with the Creature Reachers and Night Stalker costumes. I bought them brand new last year from an online Halloween store and they were only used Halloween night for our haunt. They were neatly bagged and boxed the next morning and are in EXCELLENT condition!

I want to make mention that when you get these costumes from the company, they come with pvc poles stuck down into the hands for you to hold onto when you wear them but everyone found the poles to be too difficult to use so we removed them all and hollowed some of the Great Stuff foam out of the arms. This not only made the movements appear more realistic, it made the costume shirts fit better. I ended up making shirts for the 3 Creature Reachers because the "burlap vest" the company sends with these is a joke.

We also had to add padding to the masks because they don't come with enough to keep them from collapsing in on themselves and I think we did a great job.

I have for sale:

Midnight Howler (retails for $267 and up)

Bad Seed (retails for $287 and up)

Scarecrow (retails for $287 and up)

and the Night Stalker is called Shadow Stalker. (retails for $255 and up)

You can research these online or email me if you would like pictures. I am giving you guys first shot at them and if I still have them 30 days from now, they will be listed on CraigsList.
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Sorry for not adding the price last night ... it was late ... I was tired. :p

Anyhow, I am asking $200 apiece for them, plus buyer pays shipping. I will find the absolute rock-bottom way to ship to reduce the charges. These are deluxe, oversized costumes and shipping will be determined by zipcode. I will not add any handling fees.

I've been a member on here for 5 years and have, what I believe to be, a good reputation. I have also been an Ebay seller for 10 years with a 100% positive feedback. That being said, I consider myself to be a very honest person that potential buyers can trust. :)

I'm selling these because we are no longer doing a haunt and there will be TONS more stuff to follow. This is just all I could muster this week. lol!
So sorry to hear that you are selling these. Good luck with your sales.
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