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For different reasons have many people stitched away from candy as treats?

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I experienced something interesting last night. I do a large display you walk through a tent to get to the front door to get a treat bag. I stay on the side walk and the littles one too scared to go to the house I give the same bags too. There were a few little ones that came to see my display and play with the stuff. I noticed that they were not going to the door. The parents and children told me they come to see the display and do not need or want more candy. I happen to have a pocket full of skull bracelets and skeleton parachute men. I offered one to each kid the family's were excited and said they wish more people did this. I went through my sons treats with him he is 6. He got so excited he got 5 tubs of play dough a halloween pencil, a little clip board and lots of gold fish, juice boxes. That are the things he was excited about. The only candy through the piles of it he got was kit Kat bars, gum and certain chips. My 14 year old was pumped his brother is giving him a ton of candy. Same with the party I had 30 6 year olds did not care about the candy more so the bone glasses and light up balls. Wondering if other halloween fans are seeing this trend and do I stop giving candy and give a toyish type thing instead.
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I think it probably depends on the area you live in and how trendy the parents tend to be. Like whether or not they've joined the oh-my-god-my-kid-will-be-obese bandwagon or if candy is just so readily available that it's not special anymore. I happen to live in a very low-income area with many immigrant families that struggle just to put meals on the table. Halloween candy is a HUGE treat for the kids in this town because most never have it except on holidays.
When my kids were trick or treating, many many years ago, I personally hated when they came home with a bag of tiny toys and such because I knew it would just end up on the floor or in the bottom of their closet to be thrown away later. At least with candy, it would all be gone soon. I like consumable gifts!
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