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For a garage cover?

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I know this must be one of the most basic things but I have never really built or made anything like this before.... We are going to have a party and I was hoping to purchase something to cover the entire garage door (the big one) so that the guests will use that as an entrance, with maybe a cutout in the middle but I haven't found anything so I was hoping for suggestions. I don't think it will be that cold yet around that time since I live in CA so it wouldn't be a problem leaving the garage open for a few hours. I was thinking I guess black cloth that I have to paint and just attach and drape over the outside but was hoping for something a bit heavier. Any ideas???
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I used some black drapes to run across the entrance of our carport that I was able to pick up at a local dept store in the clearance isle for super super cheap. Something like that might be an option if your local store(s) want to get rid of their black drapes in their clearance isle. You could hang them across the top so they need to part them to get through or to create an opening in the middle..etc.
Here is how I used it, sorry for the blurry pic but you can see them in the background....
Skeleton Bride with floating candelabra and flickering lamp picture by Coldshivers - Photobucket
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