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Hi all!

The Carterhaugh School is doing a “Folklore of Halloween” online mini-course! It’s only $25, and you’ll get 4 video lectures, all course readings, access to a private course Facebook discussion group, discussion questions, a further reading list, and a beautifully designed Halloween “grimoire” page. In the four video lectures, we talk about:

  • The roots of Halloween
  • The connections between Halloween and the Celtic festival of Samhain (they are different than you might think!)
  • Seasonal fairy belief
  • The evolution of Halloween customs like costumes and trick-or-treating
  • Deathlore
  • Ghost legends
  • Legend tripping
  • Three of our favorite ghost stories from folklore and literature
Plus there will be all kinds of little bonus things in the Facebook group. We’ve already got over 100 Halloween geeks signed up, and we would LOVE for some of you to join us! For more information and to sign up, check it out at - https://carterhaughschool.lpages.co/the-folklore-of-halloween-mini-course/

Thanks so much for reading!
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