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Here's a video of how we solved our fog problem. We had a fogger with a remote that you had to push down the button on to get fog. And boy did you get fog....a HUGE cloud!
We wanted a smaller cloud of fog to come out of our coffin upon opening.
So hubby hot wired the remote and connected it to another switch.
The first switch he made activated the fog when the coffin was opened but the fog continued to come until the lid was closed again.
So he came up with this switch and mechanism. The wood thing hits the switch when the lid is opened giving the fogger a small quick pulse. Then when the coffin lid is closed, the mechanism moves back into place without activating the switch again.
Anyway, I hope I explained this ok. Hubby explained it to me in dutch terms and I hope it might be helpful to anyone else wanting to create the same type of effect!

hack.flv video by MsMeeple - Photobucket
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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