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Fog questions

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I'm working on an idea and was wondering if anyone knew if i could stand one of these cheep $20 fogers upright and have it spray the fog straight up in the air??? if not how could i get this effect to work
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I don't think I would stand it on end. I think I would try using a short piece of PVC, and a 90 degree fitting to divert the fog upwards.
yeah i dont really thing it will work either LOL

what i'm trying to do is somehow get a wall of fog to run down the outside of a column
the main problem with tilting the foggers any which way is the tank leaking and possible shorting out the heater. if you can detach the tank and stand it up right-side up separately, you might be able to stand the rest of the fogger pointing up.

my question then is: how tall is your column? and where will you put the chiller to have the fog fall back down and not fly away?
yes put the chiller ( use the dry ice one) on top of the column and run a hose from your fogger to it. if you chill it right out of the fogger it wont rise to the column
not sure yet still trying to plan it all out in my head LOL

both columns will be about 5' and only 3 sided b/c they will be up against the garage so i can place everything inside

trying to figure a way of mounting everything up high so that it'll just be a more or less straight run down

how far away from the foger should i put the dry ice for it to cool enough to get the effect i want ?
which such a limited space inside the column (not sure the dims on yours) i would put the chiller pretty close to the fogger.
Ok here is my full idea

I'm currently building a fun version of an electric chair
cant go scary b/c it's for the kids but we are calling it "REHAB" lol

I'm building two columns maybe 1' squared X 5' high to go up on the sides of the chair
these who columns will hold the lighted rehab sign

now with that said i might be able to get and foger installed around the same height as the sign and run the duct work though the inside of the sign and fill the crap out of the thing with dryice

if i can get it to work like this then the fog will have less then 4' of travel before coming out ontop of the column

do you think this will work?
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well if i understand what your saying yes it will work. For just a 400w fogger. all you need is a 1 1/2" ID pipe 2' long full of dry ice with a drilled cap to make good cold fog. are you running a fogger for each pillar or one behind the sign split off?
I was thinking 1 maybe 2 units behind the sign branched off

i was thinking about building the sign as a box maybe 6" depth by 12" high
and putting the pipe dead center and just filling the whole thing with the ice
so you want the fog to fall off from the sign and the column tops? or is the pipe in the sign just for the chiller?
What if you build a shelf behind the sign (5' off ground) so you can place both foggers on it. Though, you may not have enough room to have chillers for both either. I am not quite clear on the design yet, perhaps you can use photoshop or some other program to draw a rough idea of how it will work and how you currently are thinking of running the pvc pipe. If you just ran two foggers, both firing behind the sign (on a shelf like I said), outwards towards the colums, and used 90 degree bend pvc tubing to fire them down, the fog would at least come out down over the pillars. The problem then is, how do you chill it fast enough to get it to flow down over the pillars. One idea is using 400 watt foggers, if you have the ability to time it so it uses more of a continuous output (so that you can avoid the 5 minute or so reheat cycle every so often), then the volume of the output will be a lot less, so you might be able to put a little bit of length between the fogger output and the 90 degree bend over each pillar and pack it with dry ice. With a small enough volume out of each fogger, and dry ice with a good foot or so, you might be able to achieve the fog trickling down the pillars.

Unless I am not quite clear on what you are trying to do.
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sorry for the delayed response i've been off line for a few days.........

i started building well i've almost finished my arch =)
half way through it i came across this post and it is pretty much the same thing i made only i went with all wood instead of foam

my post are 15"X17" and 7' high
the sign is boxed out and is 15" wide
i think the whole thing together is about 7' wide from post to post

i'm going to place some plexi behind the cutout so done in the link and seal off that area
the rest of the box i am going to fill with dry ice and run the piping through so the pipe will be totally surrounded in ice

i have to finish painting it and then set it all up together and figure out exactly how i'm going to mount the foggers

I will snap a few pictures tomorrow and post them up here so you'll have a better idea

here is the link i found and to be honest i really dont know if i saw this b/4 or after i started my build but either way i love how his came out so i'm give him all the credit for the inspirations =)

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OK so here's a really crappy pict of what i'm working with so far

sorry my cell is not the best at picts

anyway you can get an idea of the set up now from this
i still have to figure out exactly where and how i'm going to set up the fog

but with this set up would you use pvc or maybe a dryer vent to cool the fog down?????

Thanks again for your help
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abs is black cheep and easy to fill with dry ice. dryer duct is way bigger than you need
Black plastic pipe used for drain waste and venting in your house. Found at home centers Lowe's home depot etc
ok cool i have to look into it

Tell me for the wall of falling fog what size tube should i use and do you think the 3" stretch would be adequate to get the effect i'm looking for ?

I only thought about the dryer vent b/c i figured it would cool the fog faster the the thicker plastic's
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