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Fog machines and their outputs, video, etc

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Hi all,

I often read posts where people are looking for fog machines, their output capabilities, fog juice used, costs, etc. I was thinking if possible a new thread (with a better name than this one) could be used for those of us willing to post some video of specific fog machines, settings, output, etc etc. Maybe a new forum top level area up top with Forum, Blogs, Gallery, etc? Like a Review section or something?

I think it would work great for many types of props, FX, etc. I could see for example a separate one for projectors and display material, and another one for food/recipes for parties, and another one for fog chillers.

I think it would be a great addition to this site, and go a long way in helping people quickly find out more info about specific topics that are asked a lot but not easily known how to search for them or look through dozens of posts and threads to find the right details. I liken it to using youtube to find stuff.. but in this case we could be specific to halloween props/ideas maybe even links where to buy items and such.

In the spirit of this, I will soon share some videos with my 3 fog machine outputs, as well as a couple of projectors that I plan to use. If we cant do this that is fine, I'll just share my posts separately.
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