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Hey all,

Back for another year of fun. Last year I had the Chauvet 1250, and like many others, had problems. I ended up returning it. This year I moved to a new house, much larger front yard, path way between two lawns to our door, etc. Given a much more expensive mortgage payment, I am probably not going to be able to do much, as much as I would like.

That said, I've been going back and forth in my head trying to justify buying a new fogger for the graveyard and other scenes I may put up if I can. I have an old manual push fogger.. so that does me no good. I need some sort of timed fog that can put out a pretty continuous stream of fog enough to stretch down my lawn, which is about 25 feet in length by about 15 feet wide. I plan to put a grave yard up on one side. The other side has a young tree just growing, about 10 feet in height but not nearly strong enough to hang anything heavy from it yet. Trying to figure out what I can do over there.

For fog tho, I was thinking if I got a VEI 960, and after running it thru a chiller, routed two outputs via PVC, one for each side of the grass, and used the garbage bag on the end of each idea so that it disperses it a bit more... would that be enough fog for two sections of grass? I think it would be..but not sure. I can't afford hte V-3000 model, although I love the nice LCD remote it comes with. Wish the 960 came with that.

If Gorey from minions reads this, I am curious about the fog build quality.. primarily, do they have the thermal shutoff like Antari, Chauvet, etc? I really like the quality of the Antari Z-1500 II, but at $500, it's more than 2x as much as the 960 for the same basic capabilities. The Antari with the ability to remove the heater block to clean it is very nice.. does the VEI 960 do something similar? I would eventually like to work with a light controller over DMX and set up a more DMX based "show" for some props over the next few years, hence why I really want to consider a DMX based fogger for future use.

The other option, especially given constraints this year, is possibly to just get a cheap 700watt fogger with timer for the one side of lawn... it may last, it may not. I just thought buying a better quality fogger now, would more likely last a lot longer and handle my needs than a cheap one. Not even sure 700watts would be enough after going thru a chiller to put enough fog out ove the stretch of lawn.

I am also concerned that if my tombstones are faced "outwards" towards the curb, and the fog comes from behind.. that the width of the tombstones may block the fog from going around them and spreading out down the lawn. How do you guys/gals get around that?

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