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Fog Machine Question

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I just acquired a free fog machine (coworker had used it for a party and no longer needed it). This fog machine is triggered. Is there a way I can circumvent the trigger and have it always on? If I do so, will that either cause a safety concern or damage the fog machine?
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Daveinthegrave, I'm perfectly fine with it fogging intermittently, I merely didn't want to have to be continually pressing the button -- plug it in and forget about it. Annamarykahn, no idea what brand since this was a donation.

I decided to experiment with it and discovered that it absolutely need to have the trigger plugged in and the button pressed in order to work. That said, it didn't seem to mind if the button was held continuously. It would stop fogging as Daveinthegrave mentioned, but as soon as it got hot enough it would carry on making fog. As I said before, I'm perfectly fine with that. At first I just duct taped the button pressed, but I realized the remote was extremely light and therefore probably didn't have a lot guts to it. Opened it up (two phillips head screws) and looks like I can just snip the wires leading to the button and solder them together.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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