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fog machine pump replacement

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anyone know where to find a replacement pump for an eliminator 1000watt fog machine? My pump gave up the ghost :( I've taken it apart and can see where the tiny spring has broke but I can't dig out the cap. Even if I could not sure how great a repair it would be. If I could locate a replacement pump this fog machine would be back in business!


heres the site I used Lite F/X Fogger Pump Repair ? Modd3d - when I took mine apart i could see how the tiny spring is broken but i can't get the cap out - in addition, my elbow is plastic not brass. Seems everyone is cutting corners.
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If the missing cap is not blocking anything, just see if you can't make another out of some small plastic or metal rod. All the cap is doing is retaining an O-ring that seals the pump body and allows the plunger to move the fluid into the heater.
ah ha! I see what you mean - the oring had slid over the shaft! thats why i couldn't find it! ..... d'oh! thx Otaku - I'll give it a shot even though that oring is probably no good.
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