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Hi Everyone

I just had my first big Halloween Haunted Garden Party and it was fun but very exasperating! I had never worked with so many different kinds of machines, animated zombies, ghosts spiders! Learned a lot for next year.

I can talk about this one another post and tell of all my adventures (and expenses) but what i need to know is: How do you get these dame fog machines to work!?

They work on halloween ok, but I wanted to use them on Thanksgiving - it started out fine, then they started to make this burrrrr sound and no more fog came out. I read about this problem on the web but I forget what to do about it. I have taken good care of the machines (I have 3) they are 400 watt low flying from "Spirit Halloween". I don use their fog juice (I got low flying fog juice from "Granden Road") but I don't think thats the problem. I you have any Ideas or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Rebecca of Sycamore Road
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