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Fog juice question

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Hey All, I was looking for opinions on fog juice brands. Does the expensive stuff make a difference,? I built a chiller and all, and the cheapo stuff works well enough, just curious if the name brand stuff really does hug the ground more.
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O.k. not to seem petty, but does anyone know if Froggy's sells anything smaller than a gallon? Just want to try it out, and a gallon is a good chunk of change. Thanks.
Hi Jayb,

I just got Froggys freezin Fog Juice off of Ebay a couple days ago and I just want to say it makes a huge difference. I have been using the cheap stuff for years and like markgoodson I would never go back. I made a garbage can chiller and was using my cheap fog juice in there and it worked good but then I added my Froggys and WOW!!! what a big difference it doenst smell like the cheap stuff and it make a very very thick fog that stayed low to the ground and I didnt even have it cold yet. I was using a cheap 400w frogger from party city. I have video off the difference I will see if I can put it on my Photobucket site if you want to see it.

I just bought my first fogging machine but mine came from Lowes and it gets really hot. The fog rises and looks more like smoke. Is there a froggy's solution for my fog machine?
Your first step is to make a fog chiller. It can be as easy as a dryer vent hose full of ice and up, if you do a search on this site you will find several.
in my experience "Fog juice" is the best one I have used but I am curently working on making my own juice if I works I will post for every one how it works and how to make it if not I will say that to but yes fog juice is my fav.
Brainfrt...would love to see your pictures/video! Can you post a link?
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