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today i got out my fog machine to use in a play ..(special effects crew) and i left it on for 10 minutes..one of the tech guys came to me and said "it's not working" sure enough i went down touched the nozzel and it was still cold..

is there any way i could fix this heating element..

:yes i do have 6 other fog machines that i'm going to take:

but i would like to fix this one also

any help

thanks in advance


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Basic electrical circuitry

Check continuity on heater. If resistance is say 300 ohms. Likely heater is good. If resistance is infinite, heater is bad.

So this is the first check. Oh and when you check resistance with OHM meter don't put fingers on the leads. Your body will conduct and give resistance reading. As far as how many OHMS a heater should offer, I am guessing at 300 OHMS. If you get no conductance, then heater is toast. PUN INTENDED.

Now lets say the heater conducts. OK now you need to look at the wiring. The circuit to the heater is fairly simple. It starts at the switch. Then to the heater. Then to a thermal breaker. Then to the thermal control relay. Then back to the other side of the switch.

So now you need to check continuity along the circuit path. With the unit unplugged you should have continuity from one side of the switch to the other. If you don't, then there is an open in the circuit. First place I would check is the thermal breaker. These are bi metal switches. Two legs. Should have minimal resistance when cold. If it checks out, then check the thermal control relay. One side is normally closed ( the heater circuit ) the other side is normally open ( the pump circuit ) The wire that comes from the thermal breaker goes to the common on the thermal relay. So you can check relay for continuity by holding one probe to that connection and the other to one of the two remaining connections on the relay. On one side you should get continuity. ( Heater ) the other side should be open. ( Pump ). If both sides are open, then bad relay.

If all this checks out then you need to look for a broken wire. And you also need to verify that the switch is good as well.

Good luck and if you need more help, PM me with PH # and I'll call you.
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