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More chilled fog! The ghostsofhalloween Trash can chiller and CountZero cut-off lawn & leaf bag on the outlet ToT results. I shot this video as I was taking down my display one year so it was unscripted. So I annotated the video to skip to parts of interest. I'm sure people know how to make one. But these were my results. The trash bag does make a difference in slowing down the fog so it lingers. This year I may use a 3" dia x 8 or 16ft semi-rigid aluminum dryer duct with a 3x2" ABS coupling reducer outlet. It chills the fog but also blasts it out of the ductwork. I would use that for my "Display Lighting FX & Fog into Back of Tombstone Halloween Yard Haunt How-to" idea I previously shared a video of. This way it still blasts but it should linger after it does that. :rolleyes:
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