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Fog chiller question

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I'm adding a fog machine to my display this year, first time ever. It's a Chauvet 901. I'm planning on hooking it up to a cauldron and making a chiller of sorts with frozen water bottles. I have a small string of LED C3 lights that I'd like to put in the bottom of the cauldron to make the fog glow like sickly brew. My question is will the fog be too hot for the string lights and melt them? Would I have to shield them some way from the heat? If anyone has any experience with this particular situation any help would be greatly appreciated.
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If you are running it through a chiller, it should be cold fog by the time it hits the lights right?
The lights will be under the chiller. In the, I guess you would call it, expansion chamber with the hot fog.
they would be fine even without a chiller. I use a cheap 400 watt for my cauldron every year & the green lights are fine in the bottom of the caudron...I do have the fooger kind of under & behind the creep & the fog is ducted into the bottom of the pot via a 5' dryer vent. works great & no need for a chiller on it
I agree with sofaman, they'll be fine. You can put your hand right in front of the nozzle and the fog is not overly hot. The nozzle itself can be wickedly hot though.
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