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Fog Chiller *No Ice Needed* Runs By Itself

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Hey Guys,

So i was recently in the electric shop of the haunt i work at (I am lighting, special effects, and fog machines) and i was trying to come up with a way of making ground fog with no cooler or ice to worry about. i looked to my right in the shop and sure enough. there was my answer...A Mini Fridge

We just made a hole at the top of the door fitted some PVC for the input of the fog and made another hole at the bottom for the fog to come out. As long as the fridge is at the coldest setting possible, it works great!

Hope this idea helps!

duluthhauntedship dot com
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how long can it run continuously for? I know people have tried it but can't get it to work for more than a few minutes, since the fridge can't cool the air as fast as the fog warms it up. If there's a secret trick, let us know.
This could be an idea for that mini freezer I have
The Best tips are these:
have the fridge on the coldest setting possible
dont run the fog through PVC for too long
Have one hole at the bottom to avoid loosing cold
A bit extreme, sacrificing a mini-fridge in the name of chilled fog, but it IS for a good cause...

I'm gonna start cruising Craig'slist for a used unit. Thanks for the tip!
It did seem a little extreme to me too...but then one of the guys down there said that he had a minifridge that he didnt want. so it worked out great for us. I will be posting some pics soon to show what the unit looks like

Make sure you get a real fridge and not a thermoelectric cooler. A lot of mini fridges are simply the latter.

We picked up a mini fridge a while back and it was a piece of crap, the coldest temp depends on the ambient temperature. They are good for "cooling," but not for making stuff cold.
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