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Fog Chiller in colder States

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There is alot of threads discussing the use of fog chillers. Basic concept of turning the heated gas colder so that it is thicker and lays near the ground.

But the question I have is. Do people who live in colder states really use them? I am wondering if laying out 8 to 16 feet of pipe would be enough to cool the fog before it is released in the area. In Minnesota it usually gets down to anywhere between 50 degrees max and below freezing. In fact here it is the end of August and it is currently 49 degrees outside.

Let me know! Would hate to waste time and money on something that isn't necessary because our weather is just one big fog chiller.
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It really just depends on how cold it is outside. In order for the fog to stay on the ground, it has to be cooled below the ambient air temp. The further below the air temp the fog is, the lower to the ground it stays. On a night that the temps are below freezing, you're fighting a losing battle as you can't cool the fog down that far.

The good news is that fog chillers are relatively easy and cheap to make, so you can always bust one out and hope that you get a warmer Halloween night in your area. The other thing you have to contend with is wind. Even if it's warm enough here for me to use a fog chiller, it's useless if the wind is blowing because the fog just blows away. Good luck!
I live in MI and I will tell anyone in any place to use them, cold or not, hell for me because i live in a cold state the fog turned out even better with the chiller then with out (trust me i tested it both with and with out the chiller and it makes a big difference because with out the chiller the fog will be gone before it really has a chance to cool down
Thanks guys!

Any thoughts on running just pipe with the outside temperature cooling it as it pushes through?
Bubbels... you need to cool the fog to a lower temp than the outside temp, so that wouldn't do much.

I'm up in the Duluth (Cloquet) area and use a piece of perforated pipe filled with ice for mine and it chills it nicely. Hardest part is filling it since it melts together in big lumps as you go.

Just add ice to the plan you had and it'll work nicely.

Of course, as soon as that Oct wind picks up, it's gone, but slower that it would without a chiller....
Ah ok now this makes sense.

You need:

Fog temp < outside temp

But if outside temp is below freezing, you get screwed anyways! :D
Easy for us Australians - October is getting nice and warm so a fog chiller will work well.
B "Hardest part is filling it since it melts together in big lumps as you go".

Try collecting 500ml bottled water empty's during the summer, fill them up and throw them in the freezer.
Push them down the length of a perforated pipe and they cool the fog nicely.

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