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Man I just spent time typing up this post only to find I wasn't log in (timed out I think) and I ended up losing what I had typed. Well here goes again.

I think HOME DEPOT is carrying the Owens Pink foamboard (like the Dow blue foamboard) that has been impossible it seems to find in California over the last few years. Just when I found all the posts about making tombstones and such and sculpting the foam... Anyway I was on the Home Depot sight tonight and searched under "insulation" and then clicked on "sheathings" in the column.

Found the following thicknesses in 48 in x 96 in sheets:
2 inch (Store SKU# 409926) about $24;
3/4 inch (Store SKU# 104863) about $14; and
1/2 inch (Store SKU# 409923) about $12

Its called Foamular 150 which is an Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) product and here's the link to it on Owens Corning's site:
FOAMULAR® 150 Rigid Foam Insulation

For those of you who have been building and sculpting with the pink foamboard, can you check it out and tell us if it's the same stuff you have been using? Thanks. If it is the same stuff, the Home Depot site can be search for a store near you and let you know if it's in stock at your local store.

Maybe there's hope for my hand made gravestones still...
I got the pink foamular today...that stuff is awesome! I used the messy beaded stufff for my mausoleum in progress...wish I had known, this foamular is SO much better!! :p
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