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Foam Skulls? help a dummy?

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I thought this was going to be easy but I should've known my luck. I got a hollow plastic skull, cut it in half, apply a generous coat of Vaseline everywhere to act as a releasing agent, fill each half about 2/3 full with spray foam, tape skull back together, & then wait 7 plus days for it to dry. Now I do have a hole in the bottom to let the excess foam escape out but after it dries, I remove it to find only about 1/2 the skull is now filled with a gelled mess and the other 1/2 is empty. What am I doing wrong? Do I need a hole in it for the excessive foam to escape?

Any help or tips would be awesome, thank you.

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Hi ReelSore,
first off, the Vaseline has to be a very THIN coat, otherwise it turns the GS to jelly. I tape over the insertion hole once I get the foam sprayed in there. You are correct about the 2/3rds fill. After I get about the first 1/3 of foam in, I tap the skull, face down & towards the chin, to help fill in the detail areas, fill the other third, then tape up the hole. I let the skulls cure face down, in the house, about 3-4 days before I demold them, just depends. Sometimes it's longer-temp plays a big factor. Too hot and it's a mess-found that out when I mistakenly thought they would cure faster outside in our 110 degree summer heat:mad: I prefer to use Great Stuff, and NOT the large crack variety..for some reason, that doesn't come out as well for me, but to each his own. It does take a little experimenting, and even then, they don't always turn out.
Added a few pics of the ones I've made. The last batch didn't turn out-too many air bubbles and not enough tapping:eek: Hope this helped~good luck!
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Thanks for posting this. I tried this method before , but I see the mistakes I was making now. This will make a good winter time indoor project and as luck would have it I have a few cans of GS left over.
Thanks again,
Thanks, punkineater. I'll give it another try this weekend. I'll post how it comes out.
I have been searching for a mold of a full size skull. Anyone want to give the new guy a hint where to find one? I know it is the off season, but this is when we do our best work right???
oooh, good luck! i was looking for one a while back too, and never did find one.
I don't know a source for a full skull mold, either, but if you just want the front, you can get full sized Jello skull molds for just over 5 bucks.
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