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I want to once again create the flying witch prop. it takes a group effort to make it happen.

You select a series of phone poles, or trees, or whatever. Anything tall with LOW or NO LIGHT. An arm must be fabricated and attached to each, with a three pulleys at the end of the arm, oriented horizontally, and offset. The flight path can be ANY length.

A single LONG thin but strong cable, perhaps as thin as a bicycle brake cable, is threaded around all of them, to make a loop. At some point, a pulley on a drive motor runs the cable around the course. Think of how ski lifts work.

Hanging from the cable is a witch on a broom. She hangs from two points, front and rear so she is always pointed in the direction of travel.

As the cable runs the course, the witch hangs below and flies by at the speed of the cable drive. When she approaches a pole, she will fly past it on one side, and then either continue straight, or turn left or right at a slight angle that causes her to swing out as she rounds the pole. This will cause her to fly left and right as she follows the course.

It is critical to choose poles that are far enough APART so the swinging witch does not crash into the next pole rather than flying around it. The witch should hang about six feet below the support cable.

you can add bats or other flying ghouls who follow her in line, or whatever you can dream up.

Here is a short video I made, to explain the concept to the two friends who are in charge of setting everything up.


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