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After seeing that my FCG's ghost had played host to a family of mice, and feeling entirely too lazy to make a new one, AND having a Laser Lumia that I had just assembled for another purpose, I put one and one together and made something that I think is VERY cool.

Submitted for your approval...



I replaced my ghost with a few layers of TULLE (fine netting-like material used in wedding veils).

got a 100mw (milliwatt) 532 nm (nanometer - GREEN) laser module. attached it to a small heat sink heisted from a computer, using a 1/2" copper pipe clamp with lots of thermal paste.

got a 12VDC 1rpm motor - running with 5 vdc @ about .4 rpm

got a scrap cutout from a local glass shop (the one that we hired to replace my neighbor's windows that my 11 year old son shot out - accidentally- with the BB gun that my wife bought for him and unleashed him on the world with - and NO she didn't even call to ask me when buying it, when giving it to him, or when the police showed up... If fact, she didn't even bombard me with it when I walked thru the door - like she does with our other 2 older sons... but I digress)

got a scrap circular cutout of a textured "architectural" glass for "FREE" (after paying $750... see now it makes sense why I got the discs for free) and affixed said disc to motor.

Shined laser thru slowly rotating glass and VIOLA' Laser Lumia

Put that fine lumia into a Styro cooler, which I will paint and probably do a quickie carving of a name... Perhaps "Block"

then I cut away a suitably shaped hole in the cooler to project the laser out of. This hole also blocks the light from shining on the edges of the masoleum doorway.

Sorry I didn't think of this sooner. I did share it ASAP for anyone who might want to bust it out over the weekend. PM me if you need specific info on where to find the parts... If there is interest, I'd make a bunch for next season.

Side note: the other purpose I had for the lumia (which I will build another for, with a much stronger 500 mw 445nm BLUE laser) is to project it onto the 30 foot high ceiling over my stairs.

EDIT: *** SAFETY NOTE *** I was remiss in my OP... If you are going to experiment with lasers above 5mw (your basic pointer) and you WILL need more than 5mw to properly pull this off - I STRONGLY RECOMMEND PROTECTIVE GOGGLES -- DESIGNED (AT LEAST) FOR THE WAVELENGTH YOU ARE USING!!!

100mw laser can light a match, pop a black balloon, and can even burn through electrical tape. At these levels of power, they can be VERY DANGEROUS, not just to your vision but those around you...

If you have any safety questions do not hesitate to ask. this is dangerous stuff.
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