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Flying Crank Ghost

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Hey all. I'm thinking of building a flying crank ghost, and potentially a cauldron creep. I need help finding battery powered LED lights for the ghost eyes. What would I search for on eBay or other website to narrow the search, or does anyone have another source. A simple eBay search brings up several thousands of listings, none of which are what I'm looking for.

I'm also looking for a plug in version for the creep if I can find them. I'd rather not need to go out and turn on the eyes every night, rather than just leave it on a timer to turn on by themselves.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help!
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Not really sure what you're asking. Any LED can be powered with any DC voltage using the appropriate resistor.
Thanks J-Man. Sorry I wasn't clear. First and foremost I was looking for battery powered LED lights for the eyes of the ghost and when searching for them, the eBay results come back with tens of thousands of listings, and most where Christmas string lights. I couldn't find what I was looking for, but I just came across some now and can use them for my ghost. Here's what I was struggling to find.

Wire Technology Electronic device Electronics accessory Cable

To my second question though. I want to use a pair for a Creep to put in the yard. I'm electrically challenged and need a how-to so I can rig these lights to plug in. I'd like them to turn on with the timer when my Creep turns on. Anyone know of a how-to I can use? I need to know what to use to make them work.
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What's powering your Creep, 120vac? You just need an AC to DC power supply. Anything from 3V to 12V will work, such as an extra phone charger. Those "battery" LED's you've shown are nothing special, they're just standard LED's with resistors to accommodate the 9 volts, so don't waste you're money. Look for 12v led's on ebay if you don't wanna mess with adding resistors. They have resistors already added to handle 12V. They will also work with 9V -5V though they might be a tiny bit dimmer, probably not enough to notice. Also in case you didn't know, LED's are a diode so current will only flow in one direction. The positive and negative wires must be correct for them to light. If you connect them wrong, it won't hurt a thing, they just won't light.
Many thanks, J-Man! Great advice, and you helped a ton. I wasn't at all aware. Again... ignorant. :) If I'm going to build props, I really need to start studying this stuff.
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