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Flying Crank Ghost - Do I Need to Re-Blue?

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Good evening fellow Haunters!

Last year, I made a Flying Crank Ghost that was a huge hit with the neighborhood. I "blued" the cheesecloth by soaking it in a bucket full of Rit and water. I then hung it up to dry. The ghost was indoors for all of Halloween and has been stored in my garage with a black trash bag over top of it. Have any of you found that you had to re-blue the cheesecloth to get it amazingly black light reactive again? Does the phosphorus or whatever is in Rit degrade over time? I'm tempted to get a spray bottle of rit and water and just taking the thing outside and giving it a spritz. Just curious if anyone else has found the need to re-apply. Thanks and happy hauntings!
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I do use a spray bottle filled with a mix of water and a tiny bit of handwashing detergent (like Woolight, but the Dollar store version but you can use any laundry detergent that has phosphorous, about two capfuls for a tiny 10 oz bottle and top off with water). Just mist it on under black light if it needs a refresher. Mostly I like doing it because it's fun seeing the water glow as I'm applying, but it definitely doesn't hurt to refresh.
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