Are you planning a Harry Potter or wizardry-themed haunt? Do you want an amazing photo op with a realistic, lifesize, "rideable" flying broomstick?

Have you seen street magicians levitating and wondered "how can I do that?"

This custom-built base and flying broomstick apparatus was used a few years ago at our home haunt, and it is time for it to find a new owner! It's frame is complete steel, the base is 2 feet by 3 feet... the base is made up of steel square tubing and 3/16" solid sheet steel. Right now, we have a "nimbus-2000" flying broomstick (made of bent steel tubing) attached to the base. View photos below and more HERE at the google photos album to see the apparatus.

Before it was a flying broomstick, it was a levitation stand (similar to ones used by street performers and on tv shows like America's got talent). As you can see in the google photos album, we have the steel tubing "cane" and seat part for sale BUNDLED with the broomstick. All it would take is to cut the welds on the current flying broomstick between it and the base and to re-weld on the levitation stand.

Levitation Stand/Floating Broomstick

This sale comes with an astroturf base cover and a rug base cover as well.