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FloridaHaunters M & T 2009 #3

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Make & Take 2009 # 3

Our Attendance has been increasing and this M & T is looking to be one of the best ever! :eek:

M & T #2 was a Meet and Greet Camping Social Event, with no build. All, had a great time, enjoyed many new members and met each other’s families along with exchanging a lot of cool ideas. NOW, we are anxious for a Prop BUILD!!!!!

FloridaHaunters have scheduled their third M & T of 2009.
(Membership not required – but advanced RSVP is required for non -
members. Event is in gated/keyed community and parking needs to
be arranged)

Location is: New Port Richey, Florida (west coast Tampa area)

Date: July 18th, 2009 (Saturday)

Time: We usually assemble around 10 ish (am) and go, until we want to stop or you have to leave.

Cost: Zero $ to attend.
You supply your own materials for the builds.
Building the prop is not required to attend.

The M & T #3 Build will be making an animated, moving tombstone.
Brushe, Spyder, Dave in the Grave are lending ideas and suggestions for different
Variations and you can get these suggestions, ahead of time, by visiting the FloridaHaunters website.

As always: Show & Tell (bring props or ideas) to share (if your are so inclined.)
Tasty Beverages (BYOTB)
Covered Dish or munchies - welcomed (but not required)

Hostess for M & T #3: Maurreenpr

For more information and details go to: http://www.floridahaunters.com
and check out the links. Post on this thread.
Or contact by PM: Maureenpr
On this, great, HalloweenForum.

Make & T # 2 Camping Social- even the kids were interested !

Photo : Spyder

This notice is subject to updates or revisions.
*** not Ghostess approved yet. (Fl. Haunter’s inside joke)
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Ghouls Rule
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Ive never been to one of these, I live in Pinellas County, so NPR is about an hour or slightly less from me. Im going to the FL Haunters webby to see if theres more info. I would love to learn how to use ceiling fan motors, or pretty much anything. I guess I need to know what to bring to make anything, lol. Going to look at the other webby now. :3

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kittyvibe you are welcome to come. It is a lot of fun and you don't have to know anything about motors. It is a chance for people to get together and learn and share ideas. We are also going to do some sand casting. We do a meet and greet, show and tell where. Different folks bring some of the props they have made, not everyone. Some people are just getting started. But If you have the chance, do come. The m&t's move to different places around the state. So this one is close to. I think the one in September is in St Augustine.
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