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The wife came up with this simple and really great little item. We call them Jan Lights in her honor. Yeah, she rocks.
We needed fairy lights, a soft effect for an indoor forest/garden scene, and this is what she came with.
She took LED flicker tealights and taped a length of cord to the sides so that the flame hung upside down.
She cut tissue paper into four petaled flowers, about 10 inches across, like an X, and she poked a hole in the center. She slid these tissue flowers down the cord so that they draped over the tealights, hung them from the ceiling and turned them on.

The effect is soft and low on light. All you get are these swaying little lights that pulse and, if the wind or a draft catches them, opening and closing flowers with glowing centers. It's easy-peasy and a great way to add some real magic to your scene. Cheap, too!

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