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My wife has been telling me that i give tours that are too long,some become bored,she says,speed it up!
Then tonight a young man who had a stroke at a very young age came here for the first time alone.
He uses a cane to walk with,one leg doesn't function very well,He has one arm that also can't do many normal things as we all do every day. We were not on the same "Page" during the tour,a couple had joined in the first room,
I would not allow myself to become upset by his talking when I was trying to give this narrated house tour,because of his problems but also because of his wide smile,a smile of someone really enjoying themselves here. He was also very complimentary too.
So as it turned out, on the night i was instructed to be more efficient with time here,I was severely slowed down,but it was well worth it for all concerned.
That "People" Factor can be so frustraiting or so rewarding too,just look at their faces,listen to what they are telling you and then proceed accordingly.
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