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Hi everyone, I am having an issue with my Hauntmaster Flex Ect and it's PIR trigger. Apparently the PIR has gone bad. There must be some additional circuitry involved because a straight replacement PIR doesn't close the circuit and trugger the controller. After doing some research, Most PIR's Emit 3.3V from the "Out" pin which won;t trigger this unit. Is anyone familiar with a SIMPLE hack or direct replacement parts. I have more info about voltage etc if needed.

Also, I have visited OMAR's haunted yard and found a page to order these units. Has anyone ordered any with success??? Hauntmaster products is supposedly out of business, but if anyone knows anything about purchasing new ones, that would help too. I went through the motions but didn't complete an order since the main pages are down.

I LOVE these units for the particular applications I have found for them and would LOVE to buy several more AND/OR find a way to fix my old ones as they begin to go bad.

I know there is a way to hack the unit and it's particularities to make new PIR's trigger the units.. Thanks for any help or advice.

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