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Flat concrete to "lumpy" ground

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Now accepting suggestions for making fake mounds of ground to place on a flat concrete floor. Can't drill into the concrete and don't want to haul in buckets of dirt. What I'm looking to do is make a mound big enough to set a couple of resin toads on along with some fake grasses and cat-tails. I'm wanting to make several of these mounds. They don't have to to support the weight of a person, but I don't want them to blow away either. I've received a suggestion of using sand to make a mound. While tthat would probably work, I don't want to have to clean it up. Any ideas?
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You can try to get a hold of large cardboard boxes and completely open them up. with a little bit of work and good tape I am sure you can get the mound shape. then just paint it as you desire.
Years ago I wanted burial slabs (going more stone than dirt).

Chicken wire frame covered in monster mud:

I'd actually do it different today, and for dirt: instead of monster mud, coating the cloth in latex floor adhesive and tossing dirt on it to dry.

Light, cheap, easy. You could also use slabs of styrofoam coated with latex/dirt, but that would run more $$$.
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Thanks for your answers!

1. About how much did that chicken wire contraption weight??

2. Open a box all the way, and then, do what? Wad it up? How would I make it a mound?
You could put a tarpaulin on the ground then pile sand/mud etc. Much easier to clear up.

You could get cardboard boxes and group them together, use some scrunched up paper as padding to create sloped sides and then cover in a brown fabric.

As above, you could build props out of chicken wire/polystyrene and decorate.

If you could find an old 2 layer plastic pond liner, you could turn that upside down and then add rocks etc to it.
If there is something cheaper than "Dirt".. i wouldn't know what it is.
"Dirt" has to be your "Friend" (It out numbers US! )
you could make a lump of sand,(or dirt?) buy a small bag of concrete mix,pour it over the dirt, sprinkle some dirt into the top surface of it,after a day or two roll it over hose out the lump of sand or dirt to make a durable and relatively light display piece.
Just maintain maybe at least a 2inch thickness along those outside edges.
This should be heavy enough not to blow over and heavy enough not to be kicked around , just don't make it too heavy., unless you have a 2-wheeled "Dolly" to move it around with.
Thanks for your answers!

1. About how much did that chicken wire contraption weight??

Couple pounds? The boys there were setting them out when I took that pic. (lesseee, that was 2008, so they were ages 6 and 10)
Get a desired shape with dirt. Get a big enough cardboard and water it down for a couple of weeks and then let it dry out. It will get the shape you want. I am sure if you place some bricks underneath to hold your frogs.
Very good ideas! I like that concrete idea Gym, have you done that yourself? I also like the idea of just watering down the cardboard in the right shape and letting it dry. Oh, but just making a chicken wire shape with the MM covering might be better...decisions decisions.
I wish I could just dump dirt or sand in the carport, that would definitely make it easier, however, I'd have to get and haul it in, and I'd have to have some way to dispose of it all after Halloween. I'm sure code enforcement would have a field day writing a bunch of code violation tickets for unauthorized dirt piles or whatever they would call it.
I've heard to take old beach towels and spray them with adhesive and throw dirt on them and let them dry. Then you could use crumpled paper or even chicken wire to create the mounds. For a larger area you could try a canvas drop cloth.

I haven't tried either way, but when I do mine I'm hoping they will remain pliable enough to fold and store easily.
using gym's idea, you could use a paper mache instead of the concrete ... that'd be lighter but obviously not water proof

i remember seeing a good home made paper mache recipe that used cellulose and white wood glue & a few other ingredients ... i think, but you can probably google for diy mache

you can get rid of the sand by sprinkling it onto your lawn ... it'll disappear ... won't harm your lawn either unless you dump it

Thanks for that sand removal tip, Anna, and nice name!!
How about using some great stuff spray foam on top of cardboard and as it's about dry, sprinkle on top either dirt or sand.
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