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Flaming House Number Idea

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Watching Hell's Kitchen last night gave me an idea. If you're not famillar with the show, the restaurant uses signage outdoors that has the words "Hell's Kitchen" lit up in flames. Sorry no pic but check out just the first couple of seconds here...
My house number is 600 so I thought it would be cool to change it to a flaming 666. I thought of a couple of options since I can't have real flames. :mad: Number one, mount some house numbers onto a block of wood spacing them out far enough forward to mount a flashing "spookyfire blob" behind it. Number two, make a box with a clear plexi front. I would either cut out the numbers or reverse stencil them so the clear shows through. and the "blob dropped in. Which effect do you all think would look better?
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Here's a couple of ideas for ya... You could put a TV in a window running one of those "fire" fx videos. Make a black stencil to cover the whole front of the tv but cut out a 666 in the center of the tv so the fire shows through the numbers.

Or, if you know somebody who can do CGI animation for you, maybe you could get them to create a flaming 666 effect. Burn that to DVD and run it on a tv as-is.
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