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Flame Tombstone Base

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To try something different, I wanted to start building tombstones with larger bases, then eventually obelisks and bigger monuments. Last month I finished a large workbench in my garage just for Halloween projects, so I'm finally making some progress. ;)

So I came across some styrofoam packing in my office that reminded me of a tombstone base, so I brought it home. I modified one of my carvers so it had a solid angle, since this piece had some external ribs I wanted to take off.

Floor Flooring Tile

Here is the styrofoam's underside

Product Plastic

and the front face, after carving off the ribs

Paper Plastic Dairy Rectangle

I made a few small flame stencils from those ribs and outlined them on the front

Font Paper Label Writing

Then I carved them up. Haven't cleaned them up at all at this point.

Font Napkin holder

Font Blade Stone carving Carving

Then found a color changing LED I rescued from the Dollar Tree and took this

Heat Flame trick-or-treat Orange Fire

I have a lot of cleanup to do, coring it out, and figuring out how to light it and secure the tombstone to it. I get this size/shape of styrofoam all the time, so I have some room to experiment. Should be fun, I just wanted to share.

Oh yeah, here's the finished workbench, sans tools. 30" deep by 72" long, 72" tall with an 18" shelf on bottom. I put down a thin layer of Masonite on the shelf and workspace. When it gets all jacked up looking, I unscrew it, flip it over and BAM! New surface. :cool:

Workbench Furniture Property Table Room
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Really nice idea and love the repurposed foam... but I am in love with that workbench! :cool:
What an easy peasy idea for flames. You smarty pants you! I love it. And that workbench. Wow. I am so jealous.:cool:
For the workbench I bought the workbench kit and enlarged the design. Honestly, I don't have over $130 in the bench, and at two hours per night it only took three days. I saw the masonite idea on a DIY forum. Still need to seal it, but at $13/sheet I may not worry about it until next replacement.
This is great. I'd love to see a wide shot of the tombstone when it's ready.

also, DAT WORKBENCH, YO! I have the perfect place in my garage for something like that. Unfortunately it's floor to ceiling with crap right now... which defeats the purpose I guess.
So I've been working a bit more. I'm attaching it to the tombstone via two wooden dowels that will go through the base and into PVC pipes in the ground. I routed a nice flat section on top for it to sit in, and got it right on the first time. *whew*



Wood Box Table Plywood Furniture

got to run to the garage and get pics of everything after the coat of Drylok.
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Mostly together. I'll put it all together when I paint it.

Stone carving Chair Furniture Carving Fictional character
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thanks, Lady! ;-)

Also, to clarify, the huge holes in the back side are for two color-changing LEDs that I rescued from some props in Dollar Tree, in case anyone missed it in the first post.
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