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Fixing a Blucky

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Over the years I've purchased a couple of bluckies. You know those cheap plastic hollow skeletons you get from Walmart.

Yeah, that's the one.

Anyhoo as I take them in and out of storage those stupid nubs that connect their joints together start to wear and snap off.

I'm interested in copsing a blucky this year but I don't want to try and corpse a pile of loose bones.

How can I reconnect all the limbs so that it looks like a skeleton again?
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The leg bones connected to the hip bone the hip bones connected to the back bone the back bones connected to the neck bone......Sorry could help myself, So you might try bolts and washers though the joints or you can expoy the joints or drill poke some small holes in the ends of the bones and put a loop of baling wire(hardware store,farm supply store)
If your gonna corpse them,drill 1/8 inch holes in joints and attatch with small white zip ties.Then a little hot glue.The corpse effect will hide the zip ties.
Yep I agree.... either wire them or zip tie them together..... with corpsing, you'll never know the difference!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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