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Hi all! I just bought my first pair of Scarecrow fangs (subtle) and am pretty okay with the look. I am not real confident with the fit though-- redid one tooth twice and still not happy.... I am out of the powdered stuff and really don't want to buy a whole other set to have the same issues. I see a lot recommending the fixodent... so I thought I'd ask :D

- Do you put the fixodent in the fang directly? And do you still use the molding stuff with the fixodent??

- Is it difficult to remove the fang from your tooth? Or getting the "glue" off your teeth??

- If I do need to remold-- any suggestions for the powder? Without buying another set of fangs???

Thanks so much for taking time to help a newbie :D. I really appreciate it!!

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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