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Hey everybody I am new to the site and so far looks like you all might be the ones to answer my questions. I have done some simple latex applications in the past but this year i am going all out. I already have a full facial prosthetic and a set of dental distortions veneers. I should have my contacts tomorrow. The prosthetic is the
facial piece from Rubies Second Skin line. I have to do a latex bald cap (which covers my ears) and the facial piece which is foam latex. I need some help with a few things. First what adhesive should i Use to adhere the bald cap, as I am considering ordering some of cinema secrets high grade prosthetic adhesives like acryllic emulsion or should i just stick to spirit gum? Second Same question for the foam latex facial piece, also will i have any difficulty adhering the foam latex to the latex bald cap? Third should I cover eyebrows with bald cap, if so my hair is already quite short do i still need to gel it down and also should i put something on my eyebrows to help with removal? Fourth how much adhesive should i put on my face, should i cover every bit like completely or leave any areas unglued? Fifth as I would love to do this to myself i am going to require assistance and my friend is quite a novice at this anyone know any good vids or anything where he can get a good quick referance to how to do this quickly and easily? Sixth it looks like I will only have a few hours to do all this so i would like to know is there any way i could get a jump on the makeup portion before the actual aplication ? If so i would like to know more about the castor oil sealer (should i need it on the foam latex as well as the normal latex and what about super makeup sealer should i still use that after i have powdered my makeup to keep it from coming off or will it interact improperly with the powder? I know i have a lot of questions but i kind of had to rush all this but i do look forward to your responses and thank you all very much for your time and efforts.
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