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First time fogger

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I bought my first fogger today. It's a 400 watt, VEI V-915 from Party City. It was inexpensive, so I'm guessing the guts are aluminum. I get a minute blast, then it reheats. Is this normal for a machine of this caliber, or should I be hauling back to the shop? Any insight is appreciated.
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The main difference between the wattage on foggers is the amount of time they run between having to reheat. Typically the 400 watt units run about 1 minute before they need reheat.
I set the timers on mine to do a shorter blast at close intervals. Less reheat cycles that way. Mine are set for a 5 second blast every 45 seconds (approx).
Not sure if I'll have a chance to grab a timer this year, but I'll keep this in mind for next year. Thanks for the tip.
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