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First PVC candles for office decorations.

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Long time haunter, first time poster!

We like to decorate our office space here at work. I was inspired by this post....

I figured Id give it a try with a little twist.

Here's our tumblr page about the making of the candles (and our office space turned into a theater)


and this is a time lapse I did of some of the making of, as well as some final footage.


Next year when I have more time, and since each candle is individually controllable, I'll be able to sync the candles to sound effects and music, I'll probably make another 60 or so to add to the front of our office for next year.

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Thanks for all the inspiration!
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Where did you buy your LEDs? Are they flickering LEDs or is that what the DMX thingy is for? I have 20 lanterns and between 35-40 jack-o-lanterns every year and I want to replace candles with LEDs next year. Would you be wiling to put up a tutorial on how you wired up and programmed the LEDs?
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