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first prop up for the season

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Ah the first thing is up and ready... Ish. No lights or anything yet. First time building a scarecrow. Quick and easy, now I want more...much more haha
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Looks real nice, spooky, going to look pretty awesome with lighting
Me likey...Lights will make it super creepy.
Very nice work. Always wanted to do one.
Great job. It incorporates right into that bush and will make it creepier.
Fantastic job~he looks like he's about to pounce!
hey thanks everyone. actually that bush i put there lol, that was just an empty space. I want to have a menacing yard haha so yeah he is ready to pounce ;)
Very nice, your weather must be fantastic right now to be motivated enough to start putting props up ?
low 50s in the morning and night high 70s afternoon till about 7 for the past 2 weeks...im so pumped haha
I agree with punkineater... the pose makes it! I think some props fall flat if they don't have any character in their positioning.... but this one's a creeper!
yeah, the hunched over pose is awesome!

looks like he means business ... crows wouldn't dare drop on by

wooo....I like that guy!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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