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First Prop of The Year

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Went up to the local Salvation Army store like I normally do once a week. It's a great place to find cheap prop supplies and never know what else I'll end up finding there. Ended up finding some good size rolls of white fabric among some bags of left over scraps and odd and ends. The fabric kind inspired me to work on a voodoo type doll slash something like Scrump (lilo and stitch).

The body progress

Muscle Inflatable Art Sculpture Chest

The face in progress

Chain Fashion accessory Silver

Wire fencing Barbed wire Fence Metal

Body with lion cloth and tail added
Design Hand Pattern Muscle Back

Fur Tail Fictional character Wing

The hardest part thus far has been the mouth. I never made something like this before so figuring out how to do the mouth took a bit of time. Not to mention that stuff I used wasn't the easiest to work with. Some yarn type twine I picked up at Sals a few weeks ago. Still on the cone, barely used for under 2 dollars. Thought it would come in handy at some point. Not to mention that my Shepherd was being such a helper with taking up most of the sofa where I was working and wanting to play and get belly rubs. Today, I'll be out looking for some buttons for eyes and some larger twine, maybe some yarn for some spiky hair.

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That is my little trouble maker, Storm. She is always trying to help slash get all the attention. We just rescued her from an abusive slash puppy mill type home. Pure breed german shepherd and the sweetest girl.

Time for an update.

Hair accessory

Circle Smiley

Plaid Tartan Pattern Wool Textile

Stuffed toy Toy Plush Textile Puppet

Stuffed toy Plush Snowman Smile

Stuffed toy Plush Toy Textile Design
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