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First Pre-Show Class Announced "Do It Yourself Animatronics For The Home Haunter"

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First Pre-Show Class Announced "Do It Yourself Animatronics For The Home Haunter"

Annoucing our First Pre-show class.

"Do It Yourself Animatronics For The Home Haunter"
Presented by Steve Koci; AKA Halstaff here at HauntForum.
Skeleton Illustration Organism Art Fictional character

10AM to 4:30PM Thursday April 30
$140 for the course
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Would you like to be a haunter that can say I built that? Do you want to save some money and have fun while doing so? Here is a step by step introduction into the process of creating your own animatronic props. This will be at a greatly reduced cost versus purchasing ready built items of similar quality. Even if you’ve never tried to tackle building your own moving prop, you’ll learn the methods and techniques necessary to bring motion to your display using props you’ve built.

The course will be broken down into the following, easy to understand sections:

1. Preparation – What are the advantages and disadvantages of building your own animatronics? As a prop builder, how do I develop the required skills? Included in the class will be a soldering demonstration with soldering irons available for you to practice with! What are the tools and supplies that are needed? Although there are plenty of tools that are nice to have, you don’t need a complete machine shop to build props!

2. Concept – How do I come up with ideas? Do all my props need to be originals? How do I devise my own creations?

3. Design – Once I have an idea, what are the steps required before I actually start to build? What materials are available and how do I choose a method for making my prop move?

4. Construction – Now the real fun starts! We’ll go through the build process from start to finish with plenty of tips and tricks to simplify the process.

5. Control – This is often the overlooked part of prop building. You’ve created this marvelous prop but now need to operate in order to maximize its scare potential. We’ll cover many ways to do this from the super simple to the more involved. A portion of the class will also cover the topic of adding sound to your prop using the free audio program, Audacity. Bring your laptop with the program already loaded, which will allow you to follow along and become comfortable with the program.

6. Maintenance – What is required to keep your props in tip top operating condition? How do you get the most out of your props ?

This class includes lunch in our hospitality suite where you can mix with folks taking classes from Dutch Bihary and Steve O’Conner during a 90 minute break.

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