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First Pics of Jack Skellington for 2015

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My kids have been wanting to add a Jack Skellington to our display for a couple of years now, and he's finally in. We got one of the hanging jacks, made a base with a piece of reinforcement roofing steel from Home Depot, welded two lengths of 3/8" rebar to the base, and slid the legs over the rebar and stuck the ends of the rebar into the Styrofoam in the chest.

My son wanted to pose him holding the jack-o-lantern, and the wire in the arms is too weak, so I replaced the wire on that side with some bent 3/8" rebar. We also want to brace the arms together on the back to add some stability, but he's definitely getting there. :)

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Jack looks fantastic! Nice pose.
He looks cool , hes going to be a huge hit on the night .
After we did the Dog Soldiers werewolf last year, we realized we were getting a bit too scary for some folks... kids and adults. :) So we decided to have a "bunny trail" for the faint of heart and we're themeing it for NBC.
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