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First new prop for this year - Haunted Rocking Chair

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Still needs a little more work, but I just got my first new prop this year working. Haunted rocking chair. I have an old ghostly grandma that will be sitting in the chair.

Haunted Granny

I did a FCG last year. I'm adding the rocking chair, and a haunted coffin this year.

This is only my second year doing anything major for Halloween, and I am definitely getting the itch!

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TOTALLY COOL!!! This is one of the best uses for a pallet base that I have seen! Great treatment and the rocking chair is perfectly "aged!" Any tutorial on the mechanism that keeps it rocking? I am thinking this would make a great invisible man seat prop too! Stay on this forum and you'll be able to scratch all your itches!! BOO!
Great prop! Super job on aging the chair, too!
It's eally creepy the way it moves.
Very nicely done! Cant wait to see the rest you are working on :)

Wow! Great job! I can't wait to see this with the pld lady prop!
Great job! Love the idea... I might just go ahead and "steal" it! ;)
Thanks for all the comments. It has been a blast so far. The mechanism is a simple wiper motor with a custom "armature".

I lucked into the rocking chair and found it at an antiques store. It was actually being used out front for decoration. I asked if I could buy for $5 and they said sure! Awesome find.

Here's video of rocking mechanism:


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Haunted Rocking Chair, help with wiper motor

HI there...Fabulous idea! I have been wanting to do this for a while, but I would be pulling an older wiper motor directly out of a car. Any idea how I can hook this up so that I'd be able to just plug it into a regular outlet??

Any help is greatly appreciated!:D
Here's a great site with info - Scarry terry

You can essentially use any power converter that will convert 120v to 3, 5, 12 etc. The more voltage the faster the motor will turn. You can pick these up at WalMart, Radio Shack, etc.

Monster Guts has many options, along with a power supply that has adjustable voltages.

Best of luck. Any other questions, feel free to ask.

You can use a computer power supply. You just short out the black and green wire in the molex that connects to the motherboard. Then you cut the black and yellow wire on the molex that would plug into a hard drive then hook those up to the wiper motor for 12 volts. or you could just buy a 12 volt power adapter and cut and strip the ends. I used a power supply to power my arcade lighting and my pop n music controller so you can use this information. It's about halfway down.

thanks for the tips guys!! Much appreciated!
that is an awesomr use of a rocking chair!
Awesome prop! Aging is great.
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