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First ever Back Yard Wlak Through was a SUCCEES! Pictures here

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*EXCUSE THE Typos in my SUBJECT LIN E**** I can't fix it once it has posted! grrrrrr

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! I got to do the haunted house at my kids' school- then set it all up again in our back yard- Both were completely different and a ton of work- But of course worth every minute! My kids LOVED it and so did the neighbors and school families.

A few pictures:

Lighting Majorelle blue Landscape lighting House Building

Skull Light Bone Animation Fictional character

Nature Vegetation Green Lighting Biome

Full Album:

We had over 200 people come through- despite that it rained almost all day!
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I love that specter in the entry and the lanterns! I may do those next year in the backyard.
Love the green glow and all the lanterns. Very nice.
Thanks- We sure had fun with it. But now I am beat----- Still.... dreaming of next year!
3pinkpoodles, your display turned out great.
Yes, I agree with the other comments that you did a great job with the lanterns! They have that nice spooky effect to them! Now rest up for next year! LOL!
Came out beautiful 3pinkpoodles! I even recognized little Tweety Bonez in there and Sabrina. Wow great turnout.
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Thanks for the compliments! Now all the bins of stuff are in the back yard waiting to go into the attic. The not so fun part!
that first pic is a wowza! love everything!
fantASTIC, especially dig the green lit scene.
Great haunt!!!! Glad you had a great turn out, even with poor weather!
Did you use your FOrtune Teller?

Everything looks wonderful!
Congrats on your first walk through haunt! Your pics are super. Love your specter in the first pic but I am particularly draw to your pic with all the lanterns.
It looks like this year was very successful. Can't wait to see what you have in store for 2015!
Congrats, Walkthrough's are alot of work especially in the safety department, but it is so worth it on Halloween night. I hope you continue to do your walkthrough next year.
looks. great! love the ghost,and as others have said the lanterns look cool!
Awesome FCG and columns!! You cemertery looks so cool with the lanterns, really well done haunt!!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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