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First Display Needs Help

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I am going for a Witches Cottage this year. It's our first year with a yard so not sure what the end results will be, but the front entrance will be 'witchified', pumpkin patch and scarecrow out front, and I have the perfect spot to set a scene where the garage is set apart from the house, and an outdoor flood light shines right at it from the roof of the house. This is where I need some brainstorming.
The easiest thing for me to do would be a static witch scene, but I do have a very electrically inclined hubby, and may be able to set him to task with something better.
Any tips on a not too hard animated on the cheap?
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Every witch needs a hissing black cat! A static cat with some loud cat-erwalling and hissing sound and proximity sensor.

Maybe add some skeletons helping the witch with her potions.

Speaking of the sensor, I made one last year from a Home Depot $10 double flood light motion detector (be sure to get one that has timer settings). I put a $2 outlet adaptor where the buld would usually go, and powered my MIAB that way. When the motion sensor was tripped, it turned on the MIAB for 30 seconds. The sensor is powered with a spliced-in extention cord that has the outlet end snipped and spliced to the sensor.
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