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First attempt at making a few props

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Made a toxic waste barrel, apothecary bottles, spider egg sac and a coup bloody parts popcorn tubs after seeing prices to buy similar props. All were very easy projects and could be improved upon after learning from the first go around. Just wanted to share! Green Waste container Fictional character Recycling bin Waste containment
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A few of the apothecary bottles

Drink Liqueur Alcoholic beverage Distilled beverage Alcohol
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Very cool props. Knocked it out of the park on first try!
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LOVING the paint job on the toxic barrel! I'm doing a similar theme this year too!
Thanks very much for all the kind words. They were all actually pretty easy projects and I'm not that good at this kind of stuff so pretty happy they turned out ok. Got a lot of inspiration from this awesome site/forum and everyone else's projects and things they made. Some insanely talented and creative diyer's on here!
Nice work! Especially love the bright green you used on the toxic waste.
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