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First---All I want to know is will Linus finally see the Great Pumpkin?

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First---All I want to know is will Linus finally see the Great Pumpkin? LOL

All year, I have to act mostly normal, not freak the heck out of real humans for am in the
funeral business, but on HALLOWEEN! I'm allowed to follow the trend, can do======
ANYTHING I want~~~~ well almost! AHAHAHAHAHA..

----Am thinkin It’s that time of year again — Halloween 2014!
But before you tear the wrappers off ==786== -- “fun size”
candy- bars-- please take a small bit of your time to answer some questions for me.

What if you aren't in America?
Are --OTHERS-- crazy for Halloween-- as we-- Americans?

Do they celebrate Halloween in Italy? HUM-- What about the rest of the world?

How old is too old to trick or treat?

So what lies ahead in trick or treat trends?

What has almost destroyed Halloween-- in small town American and t its schools-???
I have seen less and less kids trick or treating in these small towns-

As most of you know-- whom have been here since this forum started--am a early 1960's halloweenier!
When a different time was brewing, "Trick or Treaters" little witches, paper-bagged goblins,
rubber-masked so hard to breath- bed-sheeted ghosts with big eyes .. ohhhh
We could trick or treat three days -- WOW-- Smilin

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night
~I-- ''BLACK WIDOW''----wish each and everyone A BIG- ~~~GREAT PUMPKIN DAY~~~
It is October~~~~~ it's Halloween time! Am HAPPY!!!:cool:
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