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First 2015 Halloween Bargain Buys

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Well, having made my first prop a couple of weeks ago (the illuminated Carnival sign) today I purchased two real bargains from a charity table top sale. I was thinking of ideas for carnival side stall games and was wanting to try and stick to old style stuff. So today I got one of those 'Wack A Mole' games where the six moles pop up and down and you have to hit them as they speed up and one of those 'Buzz Off' games where you have to move the stick around the wire without the alarm going off and they were £1 each (well I gave a bit more as it was for charity). So I am going to use 'Wack A Mole' for the game 'Wack A Zombie' I am going to use my old zombie prop, lay him flat and put the game inside his chest with his shirt open, and I am going to cover the moles in blood so they pop in and out of his chest. With the 'Buzz Off' game, I am going to make (or try to make )a Frankenstein head and stick a yellow glo stick out of either side of the top of his head and stick the buzz off game in between, kind of looking like its the lightning striking that's bringing him to life (haven't got a name for this game yet)
So really pleased with this buys...and my Daughter and I have had some fun tonight testing them:D If anyone has any ideas for the name of the new Frankenstein Buzz Off game, I would love to hear them:D
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