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Its about time that something started to work out. As with most of us money is tight this year and I am really stressing myself out about the the yard and trying to make it bigger and better. Well we just hired a new guy and he was placed on my shift. After getting to know him I found out that he is an avid hunter and that he and his group of about 8 people hunt together in the same area every year. he stated that everyone in the group usually gets thier limit of deer and hog each year. I asked him what do they do with all of the stuff after they gut the animals. he says it all stays in a big pile out on the property. Sooo morbidly thinking like I am I asked about the bones. he says there are tons of them out there. bells , whistles and lights bulbs are going off now. So after asking him about them I will have about 4-5 complete deer skeletons along with a small truck load of misc. bones to use for my dead grave yard delivered this weekend. The bones are already been stripped of meat and have been bleached and aged. It is a good day!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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