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So, I knew I was gonna be princess Belle as a zombie this year, but the process has been much more difficult than i had anticipated. I started off thinking that I would just purchase a pre-made Belle costume and make alterations to it. After finding nothing along the lines of what i had pictured other than premium expensive dresses which I would be reluctant to ruin, I decided to purchase a cheaper short yellow dress to which i could add onto. Well, the dress arrived last week and it was much higher quality and nicer than I had expected. :-/
Deciding that it was indeed TOO nice to ruin, I proceed to peruse every thrift store and flea market in town to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING to use as a starting format. I finally found a yellow tank top with kind of ruffly sleeves that I will use and i am making the bottom portion from scratch.
I JUST got started on it today and I am about 1/4 of the way done. So whoo! :D
Ill need to finish sewing the skirt (which I am sewing by hand) and then I will go about roughing it up and covering it in blood. Then I get to add the guts. Hehe. I am excited. Hopefully I can post some pictures soon. :)
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